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Hello, my name is Simon Klaren. I am a 18 year old programmer. I love to be around computers and create my own things like programs and website.

Software Developer

I'm still working on getting my MBO diploma in Software Development, I still don't really know what im going to be when I'm done with school but I also love to learn more about cyber security.

  • Age:18
  • Degree: Software Developer (In training)
  • Email:

In my free time I love to go out and party or game and be with friends. My hobby's are sailing and gymming.

Curriculum Vitae


Software Development

2020 - Present

Roosendaal, The Netherlands

I am still in the process of getting my MBO diploma in Software Development at Curio in Roosendaal.


2016 - 2020

Zevenbergen, The Netherlands

I got my MAVO diploma at Markland college in Zevenbergen

Professional Experience

Internship at Silvas Development

2021 - 2022

Zevenbergen, The Netherlands

  • Build different php plugins for Wordpress websites
  • Create and design a hours tool that is still in use at Silvas
  • Different tasks to increase my coding level with different languages

School projects

Here are some of my school projects that I have made in my years as beginner Software Developer. These sites are not the best creations I've made so more is still comming.

Project year 1.4

This is a website used for a festival, so you can buy tickets and lots more.

B&B 't Witte Huisje

This is the first version of the website used by bed and breakfast 't Witte huisje. For the live site click here

Project Wordpress

This website is set up for testing and was a little test for my internship at Silvas Development

Most recent

This website I use to develop my most recent projects. Check it out to see what I'm working on!


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